Shane would be so mad if he knew I was doing this.  I should be studying…..

The next chapter of my life.  I have enrolled in classes as the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Accupressure and Massage!  I have finally figured out the road I should be on!  Just too exciting!!  Working with dogs in the capacity to help them cope with stress, relaxation, and pain.  This is my dream!!  The school is in Castle Rock, and it’s just 4 quick but intense days of classes and hands on therapy.  Then I must follow 3 doggies for 6 weeks of treatment.  I have begun practicing on Ella, she loves it.  I put her to sleep last night just mapping out her muscles with long slow strokes..she was snoring in no time!  Riley is another matter.  She doesn’t really welcome me to touch her.  She doesn’t really refuse all of my touching…she just seems very head shy.  I am persistent….

We are on our last day of spring break here.  I really have nothing planned for Aiden and I today.  He is tired from a week of activities.  He is definitely a challenge right now.  He is talking back and very defiant.  Sleep or the lack of surely makes matters worse.  So today, I will go to the gym, and after lunch he will take a nap, and then I will study!

On to my life…..

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