Busy week!  Phew…..almost through it and on to a new life!!  I am taking my massage class this weekend and then will have a few more weeks of post work to do and then I will be a certified canine massage therapist!  Wow…that only took 30 years to figure out.  Better late then never!

On another more amusing note.  I had my first peel done on Monday.  All was okay till this morning.  I feel like I have a mud mask on and all I want to do is smile really big and crack it for relief.  Only there is no mud….just my scorched stretched skin… and something tells me that any really animated facial expressions won’t help.  My skin is sooooo tight!  It has begun to peel slightly at this point, but I again have a suspicion that the best is yet to come….just in time for my classes this weekend!  Oh well, I doubt I will ever see any of those people again, but ya never know.